The Sacco held the Newly Elected  Delegates Training on 10th February 2024 in Nairobi, Western and Coast Region . The one-day training event brought together delegates from various units to continue equipping them with financial management knowledge and address the various member concerns from the various regions they represent. The event also offered an opportunity for the Sacco directors to present the  bridged  annual report about the Sacco performance and the substantial strides made towards achieving its strategic goals.

The trainers from the Sacco equipped the team with training on  Financial matters, Strategic direction of the Sacco, Delegates roles and a session for feedback and suggestions took place in the afternoon. One of the areas of concern was the progress of Nyati Plaza construction which the CEO and the Treasurer assured the team in Nairobi  that everything was on track and that all delegates should feel free to visit the ground and see the progress.

In attendance were the ministry Officials who also enlightened the team on Principles of Cooperatives, Emerging issues in the sector, Delegates duties and Role of the government.

On conclusion the delegates were invited to attend a joint training session that would take place on 23rd February 2024 prior to the ADM which shall take place on 24th February 2024.

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