Corporate Social Responsibility


Nyati Sacco School fees Programme

The SACCO’s sponsorship program aims at sponsoring BEST students in KCPE to join Secondary school. The students must be Nyati Sacco’s member biological child, a proof of birth certificate required.

Sponsorship is given to Public, Private, Marginalised and Abled differently categories. The Best boy and girl are awarded ksh.100,000 to cater for their first-year secondary school fee.

This programme has been running for 15 years and has benefitted many students. It is gratifying to note that most of the students sponsored did not disappoint even in their “A”levels

Members are required to register with the Nyati Office for their children who are sitting for K.C.P.E each year by sending Candidate’s index number, Name, School Name to or Text to 40102

Download Our CSR Sponsorship -2022 Best Candidates

Download Our CSR Sponsorship-2018 Best Candidates


Charity & Donations

This is a program to share with the needy in the community within different counties in Kenya where Nyati Sacco Members are based.

The programme has seen several institution benefit including:

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