Ordinary Savings Account (MCHAPAA Savings )

This Account is a withdrawable deposit account that members use as a transaction account and can also be used for savings purposes. The account caters for members’ regular transactions like salaries and loans processing; cash and cheque deposits; electronic funds transfers, standing orders.

The Main features of this Account Are: –

  • The account maintenance balance is Ksh.500
  • The minimum interest earning balance is Ksh. 2,000
  • The Fosa Account holders are eligible for ATM card
  • The Fosa Account holders are eligible for M-Sacco services.
  • A member can make regular savings to the Fosa Savings Account through a check-off arrangement with the employer, save by using the Sacco pay bill Number 906100 or cash deposit over the counter.
Super AdminOrdinary Savings Account (MCHAPAA Savings )