Front Office Services Activity

FOSA (Front Office Services Activity) is a SACCO product that offers basic banking services similar to those offered by commercial banks. FOSA however is not a clearing agent with Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and therefore cannot clear cheques but can partner with a commercial Bank to aid in cheque clearance. At Nyati Sacco Our FOSA registration is virtual – Meaning technology based. You can only open an account using your mobile Phone.

FOSA Services

  • Salary Processing
  • Back Office Loan Payment
  • Dividend/interest payment
  • Cheque Clearance
  • Sale of Bankers Cheques
  • ATM Services
  • Cash Withdrawal/Deposits
  • Standing Orders on Savings and loan repayments

Fosa Savings Accounts

Benefits of a Savings Account in The FOSA

  • Salary processing
  • Visa branded ATM cards
  • Standing orders both external and internal
  • Sale of Banker’s Cheques
  • Affordable loan facilities
  • Payment of dividends and interest is done earlier
  • Access to Mshahara Loan if your salary is channelled through FOSA
  • Can Access Cash easily and faster
  • Various channels for saving
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